Campaign – Reward System, Daily Rewards and Chests

Reward System, Daily Rewards and Chests

Stage One Goal: $ 2000

Make the Player Happy

Players Love to Open Chests and be Rewarded. Give them what they want and Reward Player for Playing the Game!


The Player gets Chest Drops  by killing Spaceships which contains Resources and other Additional Stuff for upcoming Features

The Player can find Chests during regular Missions.

Chests can be Opened from the Inventory in the Menu.

Opening a Chest will show good animation and visual effects.

Rewards System

  • The Player gets Rewards after a Mission
  • The Player gets Chests with Resources
  • The Player gets additional Credits

The Player gets Skin Fragments

Daily Rewards

  • The Player gets a Daily Reward for continuous Login
  • The Daily Rewards will reset  every 7 Days 
  • The Daily Rewards will reset if the Player didn’t  Login for a Day

The Daily Rewards will reset If the player didn’t log in for a day

Project Information: 

  • User Interface: Chest Rewards Overlay
  • User Interface: Daily Rewards Overlay
  • Programming: Daily Rewards
    • Random Rewards every 7 Days
  • Programming: Rewards after Mission 
  • Programming: Chest Reward System
    • Open Chests and Collect Resources
  • Programming: Inventory
    • Display Chests

Cost Information:

  • 2D Graphics  Chests
  • Chest Open Animation

Shop Information:

The Player can buy additional Chests with Credits

Time Plan:

  • User Interface: 2 Day(s)
  • Database Infrastructure: 2 Day(s)
  • Integrate and Random Daily Rewards: 2 Day(s)
  • Integrate Reward System: 1 Day(s)
  • Integrate Chest System and Inventory: 2 Day(s)
  • Chest Animations: 1 Day(s)
  • Shop Integration: 1 Day(s)

Testing the System will take about 3 Day(s), to fix Issues and Bugs for a Release

System Testing would take 3 days to fix bugs and other issues before its release.The System will be ready after 14 Day(s)