Space Master – Game Info

Space Master is an Arcade-Strategy Game for Mobile Devices.

Unlock new Spaceships, Improve and Upgrade your Spaceships and become a Space Master with the strongest Spaceships

You as the Player can play and design your own Arcade Missions and other Players will be able to play those designed Missions.

Theme / Setting / Genre

  • Sci-Fi Theme
  • 2.5D Arcade
  • Arcade
  • Strategy

Core Gameplay

  • Arcade Mission Flight
  • Design Missions
  • Unlock and Improve Space Ships

Target platforms

  • Android – Play Store
  • iOS – App Store


  • In-App Purchase
  • Ad Watching
  • Crowd Funding

Side Information

  • This Game is Made with Unity
  • Microsoft SQL Database, Entity Framework Core

One Sentence

“Design your Missions in Space Master and beat other Players Fleets”
“Beat other Players in Space Masters and Design your Missions”